The Caravan's Journal is an international educational collective and agency. We invite Europe's young and most passionate storytellers to international training events to learn from their colleagues across the world.

Journalists, photographers, academics, artists and other storytellers can participate. We select locations that challenge everyone to dig deep and learn fast. The participants get masterclasses from the best mentors and experts and work on productions and collaborations of their own.

The Caravan’s Journal aims to become a global network of correspondents and creators. Our dream is to increase understanding and empathy across borders.

Beijing 2017

Every day, newly arrived Chinese men and women take their first steps through the buzzing, cobbled streets of Beijing. Leaving their traditional villages and routines behind, they set up businesses in the narrow streets of the traditional hutongs, find jobs in the factories outside the city, or let their creativity bloom in the hip, new areas at the edge of town. Their dream is to join the rapid growing middle class, and this has made them part of one of the biggest human migration flows in history.

Those who have yet found their home in this metropolis, fight smog in creative ways or contribute to the rebuilding of an empire that is expected to rise above every other nation, whether it is in trade, green energy or political influence.

Behind the Great Wall, that was once meant to keep strangers out, the world is changing fast and its people with it. The Caravan’s Journal will travel here to capture the human face of this transition and listen to stories yet untold. While unravelling an ancient old culture, we guide you in telling your story in new ways.